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21:42 cyanistes:

heidelberg-berlin, germany.
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Coffee with Maddie. Atlanta, GA

[if ever i get a dog, it would be maddie. but since she’s already taken, i’ll never get a dog.]

i have this friend. she’s brilliant! i really, really miss her and i am 100% certain, that we were meant to live close to each other, because life would be so much more fun and exciting with her!

you know i’m talking about you, clara!

i love you, forever <3

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heidelberg, germany.
21:00"May your choices reflect your hopes, not your fears." — Nelson mandela (via superkarinag)

(via tallerthanlions)

20:52 german autobahn in the fog.
16:30 blastedheath:

Frans Mortelmans (Belgian, 1865-1936), Roses blanches. Oil on copper, 80 x 50 cm.
15:31 campingwithcoffee:

this is my favorite
21:00 heidelberg, germany.
[strange feelings and memories from the day that pic was taken.]
17:53 hannover, germany.
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Michelle Chung